halloween omg no this is beautiful 

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Gary’s Sex Tips #1002

If she calls out her ex boyfriend’s name in bed go to his house and kiss him. See what the dick about! See what all the fuss is about!


Socks, Bill Clinton’s cat, being hounded by the paparazzi


just ordered these funky vegan glosses from FierceMagenta  

just ordered these funky vegan glosses from FierceMagenta  

just ordered these funky vegan glosses from FierceMagenta  


just ordered these funky vegan glosses from FierceMagenta  


Maty Ezraty might just be able to help you with your Jump-Backs. The article is very detailed and gives a lot of instructions. Here’s a little snippet:

I have now taught the pick-up/jump-back sequence to many students, and generally I find two sets of attitudes.  Some students are so overwhelmed by these movements that they feel defeated before they begin. They blame their resistance on arms that are too short, a body that is too old, hips that will never clear the floor, and so on. Other students are so aggressive and determined they push their bodies beyond appropriate limits and cause damage. While the word “hatha” does mean “forceful,” we must apply this force with intelligence in our asana practice. Neither extreme—too much force or too little—will result in a successful pick-up.

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Title: SLAP! (Louise Belcher)

8 inches by 10 inches

acrylic paint on watercolor paper

October 19, 2014


DG NEWSLETTER is out……„„„„,A student wrote to me about the familiar theme of the ‘yoga honeymoon’, when you first begin you fall madly in love with practice, getting out of bed comes so easily and naturally. You have nearly infinite enthusiasm and energy for every jump back and jump through, you’ll do extra anything -back bends, boats, push ups, you even dream about—practicing— when not practicing—sigh.
But alas sooner or later the shine of newness begins to wear off, your body begins to feel a little heavier and the alarm clock’s sweet chime begins to sound more like a prison yard buzzer. And jump back between each side and each posture?-yeah right. And all those chaturangas?!
The honey moon phase is apparently a built in story line, a necessary part of the great, eternal story that is told by none other than The Cosmic Trickster. The story goes that in order to make a beginning with something as formidable as yoga, the universe conspires to throw you into the new project blindly, you cannot know what you are getting yourself into— otherwise you won’t even begin. And if at least you begin, the universe can hook you like a fish on a line by giving you an unforgettable taste of the power and the magic that is there. But tasting this magic and ecstasy won’t happen if you go about it half heartedly, no! You are required to launch yourself into it with nearly insane gusto and seemingly boundless optimism and energy. To read more about the Honeymoon Phase check out my newsletter.—-The-Honeymoon-Phase-of-Ashtanga.html?soid=1112873798721&aid=eHqr2i21JKA #ashtanga

People will love you & support you when it's beneficial

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I think the thing I’m most excited about, if RDJ really is in Cap3, is watching Sam, Sharon, and Natasha get sidelined and ignored by both the text and the fandom.


You guys, I just got Amy Poehler’s new book in the mail and this is her author photo. Related: How can I break it to my husband that I’m leaving him for Amy Poehler?